Interest Groups

bookclubBook Clubs

There are 9 book clubs which meet once a month to discuss their selections. Contact: Susan Zanetti

wineWine Tasting Groups

Groups meet about 6 times a year to try different wines. Details  Contact:  Jeane Kays

bridgeBridge Groups

There is a Ladies Marathon Bridge group – Contact: Phyllis Clark
and a Couples Marathon Bridge group – Contact: Lynne Moore.
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Recipe Clubs

Do you like to cook and exchange recipes with others then this is for you!! Make a recipe from a certain topic like appetizer,soup,beef,etc.[a new one each month] bring it to a members house along with the dish and enjoy together. There is a regular recipe club and a Keto recipe club. Contact: 717-514-9797 or email Connie  Heishman.
Next Regular Recipe Club Meeting        Next Keto Recipe Club Meeting


Do you like to play bunco or want to learn to play this easy dice game come join a new game club within neighbors?
Singles and couples are welcome to form a new bunco group to meet an evening a month.
Call Connie Heishman at 717-514-9797 or email Connie Heishman.   Next Bunco Night  

Hand, Knee and Foot

If you would like to play or learn, please contact our NoP Chair, Carol Pizzi or call her at (614) 327-8096.  Next meeting. Details

Mexican Train Dominoes

A new game is being started. Details
If interested contact Connie  Heishman.

A new poker club is underway.

Contact Mike Heishman


A new game night – Phase 10
Contact Linda Walters