Dear Neighbors –

I am sitting here looking out my window and it has struck me that we have talked about spring flowers, summer heat and now looking at going into fall with the question of will children be able to go back to school and will we be able to be with loved ones for the holidays.

As the COVID-19 keeps raising its ugly head here in NC and around the country and world, I believe to some degree many are just tired of all this, believe since it has been going on six months that they are immune and it can’t happen to them.  I implore you to not fall into that way of thinking – there are people who have died believing they couldn’t contract this disease – please make your mask a part of your life!

That said, your Neighbors Board met and unanimously voted to cancel all scheduled activities for the balance of the year – the Bridge Luncheon, the Appreciation Picnic, Book Club Luncheon, & Fall Progressive Dinner.  Also, the Board voted to extend your 2020 dues to carry over for 2021, so all those who are members this year, your dues are paid in full thru 2021.

To clarify activities, your Board would like to encourage any activities that can meet safely and creatively, following CDC & state guidelines to do so – such as Book Club groups using Zoom meetings for their discussions or meeting outside with social distancing when weather is conducive.  Also, many are using online apps to play bridge or other card games.  With the heat, it is harder to enjoy being outside, but getting some exercise and fresh air is very important to our physical and mental health.

In conclusion, please continue to use good judgment in making your decisions regarding your activities – try to remain patient and believe that wearing a mask and social distancing will allow us to have group social activities in person sooner rather than later.

Kaye Marrale
2020 President

Welcome to the Neighbors of Pinehurst Website

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to afford members the opportunity to become acquainted with new friends throughout the community. Membership is open to residents of Pinehurst and the surrounding areas.

Many of us are here from different parts of the country and welcome the opportunity to make new friends – whether it be dining at one of the local restaurants, our progressive dinner, playing bridge with the many groups, joining one of nine book clubs, trying a variety of wines with one of our wine tasting groups, and hanging out with friends at our annual picnic. We also have a summer pool party  and our annual book club luncheon with a guest author later in the year. We welcome newcomers to join our community.