Moore County is facing challenges with Covid and most recently the impact the Delta variant is having on our community.  Due to this challenge, we ask that you attend Neighbors events only if you are vaccinated.  You will not be asked to provide proof of vaccination, but we ask that you honor this request for the health and safety of our membership.

Dear Neighbors,
As we begin 2021, we are still wrestling with COVID-19 which continues to limit NOP’s activities and cancelled most of our 2020 events. We are hopeful that in this new year the efforts to fight this virus are successful and we can once again enjoy our NOP gatherings.
Neighbors of Pinehurst welcomes two new members to our 2021 Board, Chris Novak, Vice-President and Katherine Pieczynski, Secretary. Both ladies are great assets to our group as we continue to keep NOP a viable and healthy organization. Each has served on neighborhood advisory boards and brings a wealth of knowledge about our community.
The 2021 Board has scheduled dates for four of our favorite activities pending COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Summer Picnic: Thursday, June 17th
  • Wine Tasting: Wednesday, August 18th
  • Bridge Luncheon: Monday, August 30th
  • Member Appreciation Dinner: Sunday, September 12th

Dates for Dining Out and our Progressive Dinners have not been put on our schedule. As COVID’s regulations are lifted, we will look at scheduling these gatherings.
Many of our Book Clubs continue to meet via Zoom, email and outdoors as weather permits. Free Zoom meetings have a time limit and some groups have scheduled back-to-back meetings to extend their discussion times. We have found another online site to host a meeting that is free (it does accept donations). Meetings can be scheduled for up to six hours with up to 100 participants. The site is freeconferencecall.com. Sheila Henderson, Membership Chair, and I were successful in setting up a meeting. One must download the app from their website in order to use this free conference site. If anyone needs help in setting up a meeting with this site, please feel free to contact one of us. If any member has other creative ideas on how to enjoy NOP’s activities safely, please share them with our group.
2020 was a challenging year for NOP and these challenges have continued on into 2021. The Board will keep members informed regarding upcoming events and any schedule changes that might occur.
Thank you all for your continued support of Neighbors of Pinehurst,
Lorrie Larson president@neighborsofpinehurst.com
2021 Neighbors President

Please note: All neighbors who were members in 2020 have had their dues carried forward as paid in 2021.

Welcome to the Neighbors of Pinehurst Website

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to afford members the opportunity to become acquainted with new friends throughout the community. Membership is open to residents of Pinehurst and the surrounding areas.

Many of us are here from different parts of the country and welcome the opportunity to make new friends – whether it be dining at one of the local restaurants, our progressive dinner, playing bridge with the many groups, joining one of nine book clubs, trying a variety of wines with one of our wine tasting groups, and hanging out with friends at our annual picnic. We also have a summer pool party and our annual book club luncheon with a guest author later in the year. We welcome newcomers to join our community.

If you are interested in joining Neighbors of Pinehurst, contact our membership chairperson, Sheila Henderson