Welcome to the Neighbors of Pinehurst Website

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to afford members the opportunity to become acquainted with new friends throughout the community. Membership is open to residents of Pinehurst and the surrounding areas.

Many of us are here from different parts of the country and welcome the opportunity to make new friends – whether it be dining at one of the local restaurants, our progressive dinners, playing bridge with the many groups, joining one of ten book clubs, enjoying a variety of wines at one of our wine events, or joining friends at our annual member appreciation dinner. We also have a summer picnic, recipe clubs and a variety of games groups. Our Book Club event chairs are planning a book club luncheon for our members this coming fall. We welcome newcomers to the Pinehurst area to join our community.

If you are interested in joining Neighbors of Pinehurst, contact our membership chairperson, Sheila Henderson at membership@neighborsofpinehurst.com